Bringing Micro-Learning to Law Enforcement

Working with an industry leader in law enforcement technology, Cellebrite, we brought interactive micro-learning to investigative professionals worldwide.

Cellebrite Learning Center

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Platforms used


Omni Awards, Gold - Online Training | Government, 2019
Omni Awards, Gold - Online Training | Education, 2019
W3 Award - Silver | Certification & Training Application, 2018
W3 Award - Silver | Online Training, 2020


Instructional Design
Scripting and Copywriting
Video Production
Visual Design

The Mission


The Journey

Cellebrite's product suite delivers solutions for every stage of a digital investigation. Working with their in-house team, we converted training that they were doing on-site into progressive online credentials that included virtual labs for hands-on practice, content and tutorials, and knowledge-based exams.
Bringing Micro-Learning to Law Enforcement

The Results


ThinkThru is a very innovative group. If you provide them with a general idea, their minds seem to speed into action. The return of ideas is spectacular and outcomes exceed expectations.
Bringing Micro-Learning to Law Enforcement
Dr. John McHenry
Cellebrite, Inc.
Director of Curriculum

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