We create training, product documentation and marketing materials.

Your platform to scale content creation with award-winning
course creators and multimedia specialists.

Teams shouldn’t have to choose between developing a rich catalog of new courses and content, keeping product training and documentation up-to-date, or reaching their customers with expert content across LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and their LMS.

But the reality of developing online training is that:

  • It must be kept up-to-date. Product screens, features, and workflows change with each release and must be kept current to be valuable.

  • Distributing content across channels sounds great, but the formats change as new platforms emerge and creating unique content for each platform takes time.

  • Teams can’t afford to replace high value, strategic work with the content operations that are needed to create everything. And there’s never enough time to make everything you need or want.

  • Outsourcing to various freelancers, agencies, and others creates inconsistencies, difficulty organizing and streamlining content, and you need a project manager to manage the project managers...

We’re here to solve these problems. We’re ThinkThru Studio.

What teams are creating with ThinkThru Studio

Reimagining partnership and creative collaboration

An on-demand team to help you write, design, and produce online training, support, and marketing materials.

Unlimited Projects

Organize your courses, campaigns, or any other creative project.

Unlimited Requests

No limits on how many items you can submit.

Unlimited Revisions

We just want you to have content you love.

Multiple Formats

From SCORM to LinkedIn, we got you.

Chat & Virtual Calls

Talk directly to your creative team.

Voice Overs, Music and Stock

Our plans come with stock music, video, and AI powered voice overs.

Build incredible on-demand options of your highest value instructor led sessions and trainings.

Create a catalog of short-form content from longer eLearning programs.

Move at the pace of software development. Keep your technical training up-to-date and current with product releases.

Maximize the reach of content across channels. Get your expertise out of the LMS and into the marketplace.

How It Works

Get a customized plan tailored for your team (and tech.)

Step 1

Create Your Organization

Initial program assessment and mapping across the Customer Education Maturity Model.

  • Unlimited members

  • Permission controls

  • Multi-brand options

Step 2

Create Your Project Requests

Tell your creative team what you’re working on -

  • Modify colors, logos, or assets

  • Upload materials

  • Share relevant links

Step 3

Review & Download

On-demand toolkits, resources, and curriculum to help you achieve critical markers for program success.

  • Comment on scripts / storyboards

  • Interactive review pages for video and SCORM

  • Chat with team in platform.

Collaboration Features

Collaboration, meetings, and more to maximize your success.

Book A Call — meet with your editors and creative director to better discuss your project vision, get support, or discuss revisions.

Interactive Review Pages — leave detailed notes, specific requests and time-stamped comments to refine edits.

Record Remotely — we’ve integrated our remote capture solutions to help direct, teleprompt and record 1-5 subject matter experts remotely.

Get started today

Our model is simple. You’ll pick a plan, get creative support and unlimited revisions.

1. Pick a plan

All plans come with:

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited requests

  • Unlimited revisions

2. Add Requests

Store useful info:

  • Branding & Design

  • Add team members

  • Scripts & recordings

3. Get Content.

We deliver

  • HD and 4K video

  • Horizontal, Square, and Vertical Formats

  • Audio-only content for podcasts

  • SCORM for LMS*

All plans come with a 7-day free trial. You can upload, get creative work complete and decide if ThinkThru Studio is right for you.

Get a 9-Step Process to build training customers love

This guide outlines our entire 9-step process used on over 2,000 course videos and lessons.
It's simple, practical, and worth the read.

It's simple, practical, and worth the read.

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Common Questions

All plans provide unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and unlimited team member access.

What can I make with ThinkThru Studio?

Our clients produce product documenation, expert interviews, presentations, software tutorials, product training and even social content with their ThinkThru Studio team. At the moment, exclusively animated videos are not possible with ThinkThru Studio.

What about video production?

Production is possible (both in-studio and remote) with an additional production add-on. We’ll meet to discuss the scope and scale of the production and then perform a one-off production sprint for you.

How many revisions are included?

Unlimited. Your plan provides a number of active requests. As long as you have space in your active requests queue, you can request changes until you’re happy with the materials.

How many items can I request each month?

As many as you need. Your plan’s active queue determines how many requests you can have active at one time. Each day you’re team will provide an update and review link for the work. Once approved, the next one goes in queue.

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