Build customer
education and content that skyrockets customer success.

We’re a creative team that partners with clients to write, design, and produce incredible training content.

Trusted by amazing client:

Overwhelm is the biggest reason great training programs are never launched.

Let’s face it, educating customers while launching a product is a massive task for any team.

Without clear direction, someone that’s been-there-done-that, or a solution that customizes to your business goals you’re left:

  • Unsure about course structure, program design, or certifications

  • Lost in the video production wish-list (one day, we’ll get some videos made)

  • Searching for graphics, wasting time in templates, or worse yet - using clip art…

  • Or, maybe you’re great with the creative, but lost trying to standup a platform, connect systems, or get emails to the right people at the right time.

Launch Faster with a Partner

We help you write, produce, edit, and launch your online training programs.

Grow Revenues

Customer education is a powerful way to create new revenue streams for a product or service business.

Increase Customer Success

Get clients to results faster with on-demand training, tools, and resources.

Reduce Churn

Remove confusion and drive the single most important factor for any customer - results.

Maximize Support Resources

Offload common support requests with on-demand training and help content. Leverage your CS teams to solve important, complex customer problems.

Deliver Useful, Engaging Content

Create content to educate, inspire, and engage.

We’ve experienced the same challenges you have right now

Let us help.


Learners Served through custom content and platforms


Training Videos Created for Clients


in Client Generated Revenues from training alone

Launch a customer academy that
skyrockets customer success 

Orchestrated Learning Experience

Move from ad-hoc and reactive training programs to systematically designed training paths that increase value for clients.

Engaging Curriculum Content

No more hour-long powerpoint presentations, ever. We'll craft engaging learning experiences that help clients reach success quickly.

Deliver Programs With Managed Tech

Launch with a simple, beautiful learning experience that's easy to maintain and integrated into your key business systems.

Some thoughts from our clients

We write, design, and produce online training brands
at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

Leslie Hayes

SVP of Education

They are hands down, the best external project managers I’ve worked with!

Roberta Pettis

FocusWorks Consulting Group, President

“You all have been amazing! I thought it would be too expensive or too much to do and you have simplified it ... I truly feel this could be the break thru year for FocusWorks with our partnership with ThinkThru.”

Dr. John McHenry

Cellebrite, Director of Training

“ThinkThru is a very innovative group. If you provide them with a general idea, their minds seem to speed into action. The return of ideas is spectacular and outcomes exceed expectations!”

Michael Griffin

Reveal Data, VP Product Education

“This video is absolutely incredible. I've shown it to everyone..Thanks for going way above and beyond.”

Caitlin Reed

Director of Marketing, ESTN

I can't begin to thank you enough for all your team did for the Voices of Freedom! Together we raised over $574k - making this the most successful fundraiser in the history of our organization!

Elokin CaPece

HIV Capacity Building Coordinator

The quality of the materials you’ve created impressed everyone on our end that reviewed them. I do not know of any comparable training resources to these... At several places, I found myself reflecting back on points in my career where I did direct client work and needed the information you put into these courses. You hit many points that will resonate with our HIV Prevention partners, and I cannot wait to start directing them to the final products!

Getting started is simple

Get a customized plan tailored for your team (and tech.)

Step 1

Complete a Program Assessment

You'll answer a brief questionnaire that helps us identify the strengths of your current programs and opportunities to deliver the most value.

Step 2

1:1 Strategy Call

We'll meet with you 1:1 (or as a team) to discuss the results of the assessment, your goals for the program, and unique opportunities you may have in program design.

Step 3

Get a customized plan to build your program.

We'll develop a custom plan that helps you launch a program that move you closer to your business goals.

It's time to enjoy the process of building online courses

Let's work together to bring your training to life.

Great training takes thoughtful planning and an investment up front that will continue to return for the life of the program. Once you realize the power that a fully automated, self-service training platform provides your business it will become something you look forward to expanding and enhancing over time.

Our team seamlessly collaborates with internal marketing, sales, and product teams to deliver content that feels "in-house." In fact, clients will never know that you're partnering with our agency as everything feels like your brand.

Video production and quality media shouldn't prevent you from creating the course your envisioning. We have studio relationships designed to save our clients money and deliver a professional video experience. Our remote capture solutions enable us to work with clients anywhere in the world. And our AI-talent and voice over solutions will give teams that don't even want to be "on-camera" a modern high quality training product. It's time to enjoy the process of building online courses again.

Grab our free guide to building courses that your customers will love.

This guide outlines our entire 9-step process that’s been used on over 2,000 course videos and lessons!

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