Launch a Customer Academy that skyrockets customer success.

We help you launch a customer education program and
write, design, and produce everything you need.

Overwhelm stops incredible customer training programs in their tracks...

  • Is training still on your "we really need to get that launched" list?

  • Trying to find the latest versions of slides and materials to put something custom together for every client?

  • Wish that you had help creating the videos, guides, and content so that clients loved your training?

  • Stuck in all of the technical setup, integrations, or systems?

  • Want someone to create a unique playbook for the way you want train, certify, and deliver to your clients?

You need Academy Accelerator.

Work with a partner dedicated to your success.

We've helped companies of all sizes plan launches, write content, produce media, and deliver certifications to thousands of users.

Orchetstrate Learning Experiences

Move from "ad-hoc" or fully custom programs to designed training paths that increase value for clients.

Produce Engaging Curriclum Content

We'll produce engaging learning experiences that help clients reach success quickly.

Deliver Programs with Managed Tech

Launch with a beautiful learning experience that's integrated into your key business systems.

Launching a customer academy drives all areas of your business forward.

Grow Revenues

Customer education is a powerful way to create new revenue streams for a product or service business.

Increase Customer Success

Get clients to results faster with on-demand training, tools, and resources.

Reduce Churn

Remove confusion and drive the single most important factor for any customer - results.

Maximize Support Resources

Offload common support requests with on-demand training and help content. Leverage your CS teams to solve important, complex customer problems.

Deliver Useful, Engaging Content

Create content to educate, inspire, and engage.

Getting started is simple

Get a customized plan tailored for your team.

Step 1

Take an Initial Program Assessment

You'll answer a brief 28-question program assessment that helps outline the strengths of your current programs and identifies opportunities for delivering value.

Step 2

1:1 Strategy Call

We'll meet with you 1:1 (or as a team) to discuss the results of the assessment, your goals for the program, and unique opportunities you may have in program design.

Step 3

Get a customized plan to build your program.

We'll develop a custom plan that helps you launch a program that will move your business goals forward.

Let’s talk and see if it’s a fit.

A Commitment to Your Success

Our Academy Accelerator clients receive a host of services to ensure success.

1:1 Consultation Sessions

You'll receive 1:1 consultations and services throughout the build process with your team.

Templates and Frameworks

Clients also get access to our growing library of templates, frameworks, and assets for building curriculum.

Video Production

Our team has produced 1,000's of videos for clients.

Platform Design and Setup

We'll implement modern learning management technologies to deliver a great learning experience to clients.

Launch and Promotion Materials

From emails to social media, we guide clients in creating the necessary assets during course development to have a successful launch.

Some thoughts from our clients

We write, design, and produce online training brands
at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

Leslie Hayes

SVP of Education

They are hands down, the best external project managers I’ve worked with!

Roberta Pettis

FocusWorks Consulting Group, President

“You all have been amazing! I thought it would be too expensive or too much to do and you have simplified it ... I truly feel this could be the break thru year for FocusWorks with our partnership with ThinkThru.”

Dr. John McHenry

Cellebrite, Director of Training

“ThinkThru is a very innovative group. If you provide them with a general idea, their minds seem to speed into action. The return of ideas is spectacular and outcomes exceed expectations!”

Michael Griffin

Reveal Data, VP Product Education

“This video is absolutely incredible. I've shown it to everyone..Thanks for going way above and beyond.”

Caitlin Reed

Director of Marketing, ESTN

I can't begin to thank you enough for all your team did for the Voices of Freedom! Together we raised over $574k - making this the most successful fundraiser in the history of our organization!

Elokin CaPece

HIV Capacity Building Coordinator

The quality of the materials you’ve created impressed everyone on our end that reviewed them. I do not know of any comparable training resources to these... At several places, I found myself reflecting back on points in my career where I did direct client work and needed the information you put into these courses. You hit many points that will resonate with our HIV Prevention partners, and I cannot wait to start directing them to the final products!

Grab our free guide to building courses.

This guide outlines a 9-step process that's been used on over 2,000 course videos and lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions below.

Is this an online course or coaching service?

No, this is truly a collaborative service where we help you launch a customer education for your products or services. We actually take the work off your to-do list and develop custom materials for you.

How long is Academy Accelerator process?

Typically, we can launch your pilot program in 90-days. This timeline requires that you have the expertise, or subject matter experts available to build out a training program. And, you are able to use one of our partner learning platforms for easier deployment.

Do you build everything for me?

We will help you organize and systemize information into a curriculum plan. Then, develop scripts, produce videos, and assemble all of the materials together for a finished training product. Finally, we implement a training platform that delivers your content to customers, partners, and other learners.

We do NOT however, do all of the R&D, become subject matter experts or invent IP for your business.

How do I communicate with your during the program?

Our clients receive portal access to book consultations, ask questions, and receive project updates from our team. You can also email your project manager directly to get team calls together, etc.

Can I extend the program past 90-days for more help?

Of course. Many of our clients launch the first pilot program and then wish to continue developing learning paths, micro-content libraries, certifications and more. We have annual agreement options available for teams looking for a creative partner in training.

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