At ThinkThru, we partner with organizations to create, deliver, and sustain extended enterprise and internal training operations. Our business isn’t based on transactions, but on commitments to your success over time.

Some training realities you’re probably facing…

Over 70% of employees work remotely at least one day per week.

This increase in remote workforce mean that your training initiatives must serve these team members within your organization. Learners have adapted, so must your strategy.

60% of Americans are streaming with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Learners are seeking higher quality content. They are looking for information that’s relevant, informal, and actionable. Say goodbye to hours of lectures and create a new world of training…

57% of organizations outsource custom eLearning development.

This gives your team options for providers and a scalable solution that can evolve with your needs. Allow us to share our expertise, collaborate with you on possibilities, and build the future together.

Our custom eLearning content and instructional design services for your business:

Product Training
Certification Programs
Micro-Learning Solutions
Skills and Staff Development
Virtual Conferences & Live Event capture

Learning Management Systems

Scalable solutions for course delivery, content management and eCommerce.

Through consultation and collaboration with leadership, we guide organizations through the process of implementing customer-facing and external training solutions.

Some common Learning Management System Challenges our customers face…

Solution is difficult for Admins and Learners

No matter how great or important the training content, your organization will avoid using a difficult platform at all cost. Remove barriers for learners and ensure your admin team can quickly and efficiently manage the system.

Difficult to Engage Learners

Poor engagement makes it difficult to grow and reach your organization’s goals. Plan your learning solution with different audiences in mind, and design solutions to keep them coming back.

Supporting Online, In-Person, and eCommerce solutions

More organizations are leveraging education and training as an additional revenue stream and growth engine. This often takes blends in-person events, on-demand training, and digital products sold with other solutions. The right learning management system can support these operations and integrate with your existing technology.

Our Team Helps You...

Identify Management Systems & Platforms
Implement New System & Migrate Legacy Information
Manage Services & Provide "Back-Office" Training Administration

Technology Partner Network

We’ve teamed up with some of the best educational technology providers in the industry to give our clients the competitive advantage in systems and services.

Our Technology Suite Also Includes:

  • Adobe Suite
  • Articulate Storyline, Rise, and 360 solutions]
  • Adapt Framework
  • and many others.

Learning Strategy & Creative

Extend your operation with learning strategy and the creative support you need.

Our consulting and business services team provide training support for global organizations in technology, law enforcement, healthcare, and more.

Key Initiatives by many of our customers…

Reach Global Audiences

Reach your employees, partners and customers around the world in their native language. We’ve helped organizations deliver courses around the world with interactive media in multiple languages.

Expand SMB’s with Digital Consulting Solutions

Small businesses are looking for creative ways to scale their services business. Equipping customers for success while providing additional virtual services is an effective way to scale for many organizations.

Design Continuing Education & Certification Programs

Plan and execute strategies for developing continuing education courseware and certification programs that are approved by professional training committees.

When you partner with ThinkThru's Creative and Strategy Experts, We Bring...

Training Logistics & Fulfillment Solutions
Drop shipping, Printing, and Kit Solutions
Digital Transformation and Learning Solution Design
Training Administration and Management
Studio and Event-Based Multimedia Production
Multimedia Production Solutions for Your Organization (Installation & Workflow Design)
Podcasting & Social Media Production Solutions

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