Cellebrite Core Forensic Certification Series

Custom eLearning design project supporting law enforcement agencies around the world in mobile forensic investigations.

Project Type
eLearning Development
Cellebrite, Inc.
services Provided
eLearning Development, Video Production, Simulation Design, Translation
Gold Omni Award for Educational Apps (CMFF), Gold Omni Award Government (CMFF)

Cellebrite develops specialized mobile forensic software and hardware for law enforcement professionals and corporate personnel involved in digital device investigations. Their organization has been supporting law enforcement professionals with expert-level training and certifications that both validate a forensic examiner’s expertise and assist new investigative professionals in acquiring specialized knowledge for their job role.

Our team was brought in to co-create a new online, on-demand training system that delivered the industry-standard forensic certification programs in a modern and engaging virtual format. This process involved the creation of over 300 topic-based videos, multiple interactive scenarios and hardware simulations, and digitizing many of the in-class activities into virtual activities. The resulting program allows law enforcement professionals to complete over 5-days of classroom training, practical assessments, and simulations in a self-paced, on-demand learning environment.

This content was translated into multiple languages and delivered on the client’s learning management system for complete tracking and reporting.

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