February 16, 2021

Thinkthru celebrates five years

Matt Tidwell

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 17th, 2019) - Nashville-based Learning and Development agency ThinkThru is celebrating five years of digital learning innovation with multiple Omni and W3 Awards. Earning recognition for excellence in educational media and helping their clients achieve seven figure revenues in online training, the company has received five prestigious Omni Awards and their first-ever W3 Award for innovation with eLearning products, government training, mobile applications, marketing and product promotion and more.

“It’s been very exciting to watch our company grow and evolve with the advancements in educational technology. I believe these awards point to the fact that our team is on the right path, and the future is bright for organizations that really embrace education as a possible revenue opportunity,” said Matt Tidwell, President of ThinkThru.

ThinkThru’s training products were recognized in five Omni Award categories including Education and Government. ThinkThru also received an award in the product and promotion category, applauding their experience with both content creation and the launch of products to market.

“We are honored to partner with leading companies in digital intelligence to create transformational training solutions. These awards are a testament to the incredible collaboration and effort between our clients and our instructional design and creative teams,” said Tidwell.


The Omni Awards exist to recognize outstanding achievements in film/video, web and mobile media.

Mobile Forensic Fundamentals Online Training Course - Government, Spring 2019
Client: Cellebrite, Inc.

Mobile Forensic Fundamentals Online Training Course - Educational, Spring 2019
Client: Cellebrite, Inc.

Advanced Smartphone Analysis Online Training - Government, Spring 2019
Client: Cellebrite, Inc.

Advanced Smartphone Analysis Online Training - Educational, Spring 2019
Client: Cellebrite, Inc.

Brainspace Analyst Online Course - Product Promotion, Spring 2019
Client: Brainspace


The W3 Awards celebrates digital excellence by honoring outstanding Websites, Web Marketing, Video, Mobile Sites/Apps & Social content created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide.

Advanced Smartphone Analysis Online Training - Educational Mobiles Sites/Apps, Season 14
Client: Cellebrite, Inc.


Think Thru is an award-winning, Nashville-based Learning and Development agency, specializing in creating revenue-generating training products for enterprise organizations and government agencies. By providing customized training solutions, ThinkThru continues to remove barriers to online education across industries including healthcare, government agencies, technology companies, and independent subject matter experts. ThinkThru’s dedicated team of instructional designers and multimedia specialists have created, managed, and implemented training programs and systems for Fortune 500 companies, SMB's, and Non-profit organizations. Most recently, ThinkThru launched an innovative platform, Course Factory, providing a cutting-edge solution for companies and educators transforming their journey from idea to high-quality educational media. To learn more, visit: www.thinkthru.co

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