Customer Education LIVE

An open-format Q/A, theme-driven discussion for customer education leaders, consultants, and trainers.

This is NOT a webinar, it's actually a collaborative "pick-your-brain" format for those interested in growing their business with customer education.

Discuss Growing Your Business With Customer Education

Hosted by
Matt Tidwell

(And other ThinkThru team members as possible.)

Focusing on customer education, Matt helps brands leverage their internal expertise to expand industry recognition, product adoption, and revenues.

Most recently, he and ThinkThru launched Course Factory, a platform to help anyone produce educational video content and scale their online education business with a dedicated creative team.

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Build Community.
Get Answers. Start Something New.

It’s not about having the answers or doing all the work yourself. It's about sharing what's working, what's not, and asking questions.

This session is open to anyone who is interested. We simply want to provide value, nothing asked in return.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this for?

This virtual format is new to us. Our mission is to be the most helpful agency in the training space. This means we want to provide the most value to people starting their training journey, scaling their training business, or exploring options.

What's the time commitment?

This session will likely last 45 minutes. If it's not for you, no worries - you can check out as you need to. We're hosting on Zoom to pilot the format. If more people need these sessions, we'll add more resources.

Is this a sales pitch?

Nope. We're here to help, share what's working, and express the challenges we're seeing as an agency. No sales pitch, just a mission to be helpful.

Do you offer 1:1 Services?

Of course. That's the backbone of our agency. Hopefully, our lessons from Fortune 500 businesses, SMB businesses, and non-profits will be valuable to anyone starting the online education journey.

Let's Go!
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Join leading companies in changing customer experiences and scaling businesses with education.
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